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Kite Aerial Demonstration by G4ROJ

The central station. G4ROJ preparing a kite for launch.

Views of the launch site with club members.

Various kites pulling wire dipoles into the sky.

A spectacular kite.

The approaching storm

On Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd May 2010, Roger (G4ROJ) gave us a demonstration of "Portable operation using airborne aerials" at crickley Hill Country Park. The station was operated from the back of his car, using a dipole antenna. This was made from wire with speaker cable as the feeder. The dipole was tied into the centre of his kite string. With one end tied to a tree stump and the other end supported by a kite, several contacts were made.

The kites were quite stable although they did require a few re-launches.

Unfortunately, a storm approached and the hailstones caused us to seek shelter and a nice hot cup of tea.

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